MP 67.5 - Carcross


Carcross - Historical Photo ca. 1900-1920

It's not easy to tell you the exact date of thsi great photo. My guessing is somehwere between 1900 and 1920. Any correction will be welcome. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.


Carcross - early view from South

Collection Boerries Burkhardt


Carcross section house ca. 1960's

Two GE engines are in front of the old Carcross section house. It looks that there were two tracks at the loop. Boerries Burkhardt Collection


Carcross 1963

Signal at Carcross station in 1963. Boerries Burkhardt Image.


Carcross 1967

Terry Danks was visiting Carcross at July 24, 1967 where he took the nice image of the train at the Carcross station.


Carcross 1969

Southbound #2 is passing Carcross Yukon station. Image Bernard Kern, collection of Eric L. Johnson.


Carcross June 1980

William Madden were inside the Northbound train#1 for Whitehorse, when he took this photo from Carcross station. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Carcross Waterfront 1966

Collection of Boerries Burkhardt



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