MP 40.6 - Bennett


Bennett, once was a city with a few thousand gold seekers, waiting for the spring to use their boats up north to the Klondike. During the White Pass Container Route's days a welcome place to take a brake and enjoy the wonderful meal at Bennett.
Bennett also was the end of the Skagway, Alaska division as well as the Canadian division from Whitehorse.


Bennett - A classic station (2006)

Boerries Burkhardt took this image of Bennett station at a quite day. Shortly a group of tourist arrive with flowplanes and take a great dinner inside the station. June 16, 2006

Tourist Enjoy Bennett Lunch Stop

From the “CONTAINER ROUTE NEWS” magazine August 1960.

Summer tourists who travel over the spectacular White Pass & Yukon Railway invariably report that one of the high spots of the trip is the lunch stop at Lake Bennett ‚ B .C. Here ‚ where in 1898 several thousand Klondike-bound adventurers camped in the largest tent City in the world ‚ the travellers marvel over the shifting colors of the lake ‚ visit the old log church and savor a delicious meal served “family style”.

The responsibility of turning out hot meals for passengers on the regular daily trains and those making the excursion trip to Carcross rests on the shoulders of Manageress Vi Beatty and her capable staff.

Bennett is a lonely spot but for lovers of the outdoors it offers many attractions. Hunting and fishing are the off hours pursuits of Harry Lee, who has been Chief Cook since 1954, and waiter Robin Harrison of Salt Spring Island. Waitresses Linda Logue, a U.B.C. student, and Barbara Barrett of Whitehorse enjoy horseback riding while Rita Neilson, also of Whitehorse, prefers boating and swimming. Kitchen helper Melvin Baker of Carcross finds a multitude of subjects for his hobby, photography.

When she can spare time from her managerial duties, Vi Beatty takes pride in her garden, which flourishes in the long sunlight of a Yukon summer. Vi has been with the White Pass since 1948.

Staff members generally save up their time off until they have two or three free days coming and then make a trip to Whitehorse or Skagway. This gives Assistant Cook Gin Sing a chance to take in some baseball games. Occasional trips are also made by the “casey” to Carcross ‚ Yukon ‚ once the home of George Carmack whose discovery triggered the Klondike gold rush.

Main credit for the successful operation of the Lake Bennett eating house must go to Vi Beatty, whose cheerful smile and ability to keep things running smoothly have been a notable asset to the White Pass & Yukon Route. We hope she will continue to dish out “service with a smile“for many years to come.


When travel was a passion (1920s)

Engine 66 and 69 were ready to depature Southbound direction Skagway with the Bennett extra train. The photo was taken sometimes in the 1920s. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Have a break at Bennett station 1962

After the great lunch at Bennett station, the passengers had some time for rest before the train leaves South or North. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Bennett ca. 1969

Food arrived with the daily Northbound train at Bennett station. The waitress have some small talk with the passanger on the rear plattform. Collection Eric L. Johnson


Bennett (July 1969)

David Elliot took this image of the back of the Northbound mixed train at Bennett. July 1969.


Bennett (1969)

View to the buildings at Bennett sometimes between summer and fall of the year 1969. Photo by J.D. True, WP&YR Collection.


Bennett after 1974

Overview of Bennett after the 1974 fire when the watertower burned.


Bennett 1970

The image was done from the back of a passenger car at track 1. There we see track 2 and 3 on the lake side. Track one used for switching and work equipment. Track 1 and 2 for the South and Northbound train. Collection of Boeries Burkhardt.


Northbound #1 arrive at Bennett (1980)

William Madden was standing on the plattform when Northbound 1 arrived at Bennet at June 27, 1980. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Bennett 1980

During the summer of 1980, the visitors of Bennett were luck to see the steam engine 73 and Rotary 1 on display. In fall 1980, the engine was moved to Whitehorse. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


Air View of Bennett (2006)

Above the Bennett station you'll see a small lake and a loop track going arround. The Bennett loop was built during the summer of 1941. Finally Friday September 26th 1941, it was completed and the first locomotive was running at that date over it. Airview photo by Boerries Burkhardt (Sept. 2006) with the help of Alpine Aviation (Yukon) Ltd. of Whitehorse.

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