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Skagway Yard and Shops

Skagway Yard 1969

John McIntosh visited the WP&YR back in 1969, where he shoot this iamge of the old ex. Sumpter Valley engines. Collection Boerries Burkhardt.

Skagway Yard and Shops

Baldwin 73 rest at Skagway Shops (1969)

Behind old Baldwin 73, we see the B&B Wash and Shower Car as well as old coach 200, the first LAKE FRASER. Image by John McIntosh July 1969. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.

Skagway Yard and Shops

View of White Pass shops at Skagway (1969)

On the left side of Northbound train #1 we see the old White Pass shops. Image by John McIntosh, July 1969. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.

Skagway Shops Air View

Skagway Shops Air View (1973)

Collection of Boerries Burkhardt

Skagway Shops

Skagway Shops - back in history

It looks like the early 50's, but its 2005 at the White Pass & Yukon Route. Image by Boerries Burkhardt

Skagway Roundhouse

Skagway Roundhouse

Plymouth 3 in the green and yelllow colors in front of the Skagway Roundhouse before the big fire in October 1969.

Skagway Roundhouse

Skagway Roundhouse

The additional shed from the 770th ROB. Boerries Burkhardt Collection.

Skagway Coal Tower

Skagway Coal Tower early 1950's

Stan Smith was on top of the old wooden coal tower of the White Pass & Yukon Route in Skagway sometimes in the early 1950's. If I see right we have the Anyox dump cars for unloading the coal. A rope protect the car from running doen hill. On the right side we see former D&RGW Rotary ON.

Jack Hoyt Historical Journal

January 9, 1952:
Temperature +4F
Rotary out--strong north wind.
Hooked eng. 69 into Roundhouse steam line--not much coal left in bunker

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