Snow Shed

Snow Sheds

Lenghts of Snowsheds, Dated April 22, 1902

1/3 Mile North of 15 M Post 15A Lenght 233 Feet Slide Shed
South End Tunnel 15B Lenght 36 Feet Drift Shed
North End Tunnel 15C Lenght 193 Feet Drift Shed
Turntable 18B Lenght 245 Feet Drift Shed
3/4 Miles South Summit 19A Lenght 1042 Feet 220 Feet added to total 1262'
Summit 20A Lenght 457 Feet Drift Shed
1/2 Mile North of Summit 20B Lenght 1064 Feet Drift Shed
Total Lenght 3270 Feet

Along the Route on the WP&YR

15-A Snow Shed Adding to the account of the P&AR&NCo in 1923 with the cost of 14,236.42 $ the snow shed 15-A. At...

16-A Snow Shed

19-A Snow Shed The 19-A Snow Shed was added to the proberty of the P&AR&NCo. in 1923 with the cost of 4,185.48 $...

Hannan Snow Shed Mile Post 17.1

American Snow Shed American Shed

Boundery Snow Shed Summit Shed

Canadian Snow Shed Canadian Shed

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