MP 27.7 - Fraser

Fraser 1900

Map of Fraser (1900)

The first map of Fraser from the Book of Referecnce issued January 4, 1900. The book is signed by E.C. Hawkins. He wrote: The initial point of this Tract is at Corner No. 1, which bears S 65 00' E 100 ft from Station 378 + 54,8 P.T. of completed line B.C.Y. Ry. from Summit of White Pass to Bennett B.C., as shown fully on the accompanying map and plat. According official White Pass documents, the wye was removed sometimes in 1905.

Fraser 1905

Map of Fraser (1905)

This section of the complete survey map show the new Fraser loop who was built from the old Wye tracks at June and July 1905. As I have official documents that show the wye turned up in 1905, the date written in this document with June 1095 can be confirmed. During the set up of the loop and bring them into use as well as remove the wye a passing track was added and also removed in the same year. This side track is not show in any map that I have so far. Only documents. Both maps are collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Fraser Wye

I think on this old postcard we see a portion of the old wye near fraser.


Fraser Depot and Water tank 1950

That's how Fraser looked when the White Pass still used steam engines. Left we see Fraser station or depot and right the water tank who survived till today. Image collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Fraser - arrive on the track from Skagway (2005)

Boerries Burkhardt, May 28, 2005


Fraser Water Tank (2006)

Image by Boerries Burkhardt June 11, 2006.

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