MP 5.9 - Denver


Southbound Fraser Train at Denver

Very unique in 2009. The Fraser run with GE 93 instead of GE 90. Image by Boerries Burkhardt May 2009.


Drop of of hikers at Denver 2013

Ready to make a 5-mile round-trip wilderness hike to Denver Falls in the lush old growth forest of the Denver Valley. Image by Boerries Burkhardt


Glacier 2013

A set of two rebuilt GE's on bridge 5A, passing Denver with a Summit train Southbound. September 12, 2913. Boerries Burkhardt.


Denver 2013 with the Fraser Train

The Fraser train with GE 91 arrive at Denver and pick up the hikers. Please remember that you need a vaild passport as you'll arrive with the train from Canada. And customs inspection will be done at Skagway. September 12, 2913. Boerries Burkhardt.


Old caboose 905

You are able to rent this wonderful caboose from the NPS. September 2013, by Boerries Burkhardt.

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