300-312 Page Dump Cars

640-647 Longitudinal Hopper Cars (ex. Canadian National)

650-655 Granby Hopper (ex. Anyox)

650-657 Dump Cars (ex. Canadian National)

661-665 Ralston Dump Cars

670-684 Hopper (ex. EBT)


You need drawings of some of the hoppers?

DP-2 Ralston- type Drop bottom Gondola Dump cars #661-665
DP-3 Hopper bottom Dump Car, ex “Anyox” Ore, #650-655
DP-4 Hart Convertible Car, #315-316
DP-5 Side Dump Cars, xPacific Coast, #USA 9185-97
DP-6 3-door Hopper Dump Car, # 670-684, exEBT
DP-7 Side Dump, Air-operated, # 650-657, ex CN “Newfie”
DP-8 Steel Hopper “Dump car” bottom door #640-647, ex CN “Newfie”

They are US-$ 5.50 each plus s&h. For more information go to the drawing section.

Hopper Cars

Accoring my knowledge the two first hoppers behind the lead steam engine, I see the two Hard hoppers #315 and #316. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt

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