It's time to say good by...

Another old historical part will be gone in the next weeks. Build by the Colorado & Southern in 1908, former C&S box car, rebuilt by the USA Army into a refrigerator car who became White Pass & Yukon Route refer 738 will be towed away from its location between 2nd and 3rd Street at the property of Jim Barry. Jim rebuilt the old reefer into a horse box many years ago. Now the car side is broken and probably will brake when the car will be moved from his current location.


436 Reefer (1980)

Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


Reefer 404 ex. C&S

Whitehorse June 27, 1957 Boerries Burkhardt Collection


ex. White Pass refer 768

Refer 768, ex. C&S box car at Skagway between 2nd and 3rd Street in June 2006, destroyed in 2007 and gone forever.

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