THANKS and Friends...

A special THANK YOU goes to a few peoples who support me a lot with my homepage.


and we have received a collection of original images from the following peoples....



We had to say "Good By" to some friends and list members.......

Glenda J. Purcell Choate

Glenda J. Purcell Choate: October 28, 1932 - February 20, 2006 (White Pass & Yukon Route Archivist)

Jo Lehmann

(Jo) Achim Rudolph Lehmann: March 22, 1926 - January 12, 2010 (White Pass Truck Division, Whitehorse)

Achim Rudolph Lehmann

Achim (Jo) Rudolph Lehmann

John Henderson

John Henderson

John Henderson past away in March 2007. He was also editor of the Alaska Rail News as well as the Industrial Railroad.

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