On3 (1:48)

White Pass in O Scale

Welcome to my O Scale section. O scale means 1/48 or 1 feet = 1/4 inch as model.
After many years of building the White Pass in HOn3 scale I decided to switch to a larger scale to have more fun with my rolling stock and not only run the railroad.

Alco 101 Class Welcome to my new project page of the Alco 101 class of the White Pass & Yukon Route. When I sta...

Anvil Flat Cars

Cabbose 907

Whitehorse Station in On3 Scale Please click here to download the sign in 3 different scales. Download here

3D CAD DRAWINGS Below I will show some of my CAD drawings. Enjoy them!

On3 Caboose 905

905 - On3 Scale Brass Caboose

Beside the caboose 901, I work on the two other original steel cabooses, too. I had to redesign the caboose 905. Now I have the same windows like 901. It looks great. Can't wait to have them ready on my display. For more details, please check the model railroad page.


On3 Model Train Caboose Update

The first drawings of the caboose 905 are ready. Designed in 3D by Boerries Burkhardt.

ANYOX hopper 650-655

Anyox hopper - On3

The first parts for my brass Anyox hopper arrived just before Christmas. This ist the first test sample of the side with all the nuts.

ANYOX hopper 650-655

Anyox hopper - On3

Still the side from 2009, but new parts were added.



former D&RGW rotary ON went North to operate at the WP&YR during WWII. The rotray was scrapped 1967. The rotary is a brass import from Overland in On3 scale.

Tank Car 67-71 Series

WP&YR Tank Car 67 - On3 scale

A brass model of the former standard gauge tank car in On3 scale. The original model is coming from KTM Models. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.

C&S / RGS / WP&YR Trucks

C&S / RGS / WP&YR Trucks

Just arrived from PSC, the C&S / RGS / WP&YR Trucks in On3. Not all details were added.

ex. EBT Hopper 670-684 Series

WP&YR Hopper 670 - On3 scale

Plastic kit from CB&T Shops.

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