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Chuck Morse has sent us this wonderful images of his self made White Pass engine #61. He is making all parts in 3/4"scale out of brass. Great work!


WP&YR #61 frame


WP&YR 61 - Boiler

Frame Detail

WP&YR #61 - Frame Detail

Lead Truck

WP&YR #61 - Lead Truck

1/8 scale Model

1/8 scale

It's a Plum Cove Studios GE kit that Chris Enright built. It runs on 7.5" gauge track (1/8 scale) and is sized to about 1.5" per foot scale (which is 1/8 scale also). I spruced it up with additional window frame and grab iron detailing along with the White Pass colors and lettering. It's 30" long, 14" wide and 19" tall. It weighs in at around 160lbs.

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