Alco 101 Class

My model world

Welcome to my new project page of the Alco 101 class of the White Pass & Yukon Route.

When I started I realized that always I was running low with exact measurements. Even if I measured them by myself, quite often, I realize after my return from Skagway, that I missed an important measuring. But at one point, I though, I have to start.
So I started with the trucks of the Alco. My data, the plan sheet from Carl E. Mulvihill and his personal support were a major help. To design my parts I use two different CAD apps. The one software is “Moment of Inspiration or MOI 3D” web site and the second is Alibre, now Geomagic Design, a powerful CAD system. Their web site is Every program has his strength. For me, both are easy to work with. Special MOI 3D is extremely easy to use.
But I don’t like to explain how to start a CAD project. This you’ll find in their manuals and handbook. For me it was great to design parts, and print them on a 3D printer to see how they are looking before I’ll want them professional done as brass castings.

So far my first result can be seen here. Download 20151001_boerries_alco_brass_motor.pdf [1.043 KB]

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