Kitbashing 12 flat cars for Jeff's WP&YR By Jeff Hohlstein. Much cargo traveled by flat car in the period 1970 - 1982, so when the opport...

Jeff Hohlstein

Micro-Trains White Pass Refer In this issue of the Model Section, we take a closer look at the Micro Trains HOn3 (1:87) scale r...

Kitbashing Lakes Bennett, Teslin and Tagish in HO by Jeff Hohlstein: In the last report, I promised more on body construction and the "Lead Sled. ...

Jeff Hohlstein's WP&YR Modeling realistic operations on the WP&YR - my passion


PSC Caboose 903 (HOn3 Scale)

Dieter Stehli from Zurich, Switzerland painted this nice PSC brass caboose into the Federal Industries colors.

HOn3 Alco & MLW

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Modelling WP&YR flat cars on HO standard gauge

Jeff Holstein will show us this time, how he has built his WP&YR flat cars on his WP&YR standard gauge. The most important think for Jeff is to have the WP&YR feeling, even on HO standrad gauge track. Click here to read more.



X-3, former SV baggage car

HOn3 model of the ex. baggage car as X-3 from the White Pass. Model Carl Mulvihill.


X-5 as B&B car of the WP&YR (HOn3)

Carl Mulvihill's model of the B&B crew X-5 of the White Pass & Yukon.

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