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Alco 101 at Skagway

Alco 101 with engine 108 at Skagway shope in 1973. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


101 Alco (Showelnose) 1982

Ready for the mixed train of the day in September 1982. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


Late Evening at the WP&YR Shops at Skagway (1982)

The work of the day is finished and the shop crew will now work over night to have the engines back for service at the next day. This image was done in September 1982, just a few days before the railroad stopped operation because of the Anvil mine closure. Today the railroad will go to stand-by modus and will be ready for the next year service. Image Boerries Burkhardt Collection.

Alco 101

Alco 101 between two GE's (2008)

For some operation issues, the consist of a train is now two GE'S and one Alco or MLW between. So we see here GE 90 and 91, engine 101 between the two engines. Image by Boerries Burkhardt (2008)


101 Alco at Skagway 2008

Between GE 90 and 91 was Alco 101 operating in the 2008 season. Boerries Burkhardt Image.

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