Federal Industries


93 and 97 at Whitehorse

Engine 93 shown in here fresh paint scheme GE 97 was painted earlier into this Federal Industries colors. Collection Boerries Burkhardt

93, ??, 100, 92

GE 93, ??, 100 and 92 at Skagway (1977)

A mixed train will soon depart to Whitehorse at August 1977. The fourheader consist of two GE's in the Federal Industrie colors. Only 4 GE's were repainted into these blue, white and orange colors. Collection Boerries Burkhardt


GE 93, 94 and Alco 100 (1979)

An extra Southbound freight train leaves Whitehorse when Dave Hardie took this photograph in September, 1979. GE 93 now wears the Federal Industries colors with the blue diamond logo on the cab front. More than one year later, all engines would be repainted in full blue.


GE 97 without White Pass lettering (1976)

GE 97 and 98 arrive at Whitehorse. Gilbert M Hulin took this great image in August 1976 at Whitehorse, Yukon.


GE 98 with two other GE's arrive at Whitehorse

A triple header freight train arrives at Whitehorse station. Engines 98 and 97 (3rd engine) received the new Federal Industries colors. This nice looking livery was not liked by the WP&YR employees, as Federal Industries had a major share in bringing the railroad into trouble. Collection Boerries Burkhardt, Whitehorse ca. 1977.


GE 98 top image at Whitehorse (1977)

A great shot by Dik Blazina at Whitehorse on July 3, 1977. Here we have only a small number on the front side of the engine. Also, no steps were added yet on the front of the engine to support the brakemen when plugging and unplugging the MU cable


GE 98 at Whitehorse Alaska Highway (1980)

Steve Hauff was standing near the Alaska Highway crossing at Whitehorse in May 1980. Again, we have a great image with a lot of new details. The GE's already received the 3 support steps. Furthermore, a large number was added on the rear portion of each side. However, this was done only on GE 93, 97, 98 and 100 with the Federal Industries colors. The number on the back of GE 98 had already faded into orange. From this image it becomes clear why the engine was soon going to get a new paint job.


GE 100 in the Federal colors (1980)

In May 1980, two GE`s with GE 100 as lead engine are departing Skagway. Steve Hauff took this great image with the blue/white/orange engine. Please note the large number on the side as well as the engine 100 had a blue diamond logo. Here the number inside the logo is already faded. I belive that more units were waiting on the other side of the street as the MU cable is still pluged in the socket.


GE 100 with Federal colors in WHSE (1980)

William J. Madden made this great railroad shoot of the engine 100 in his Federal Industries colors scheme at June 28, 1980 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Interesting to see the MUW connector remained into the plug during summer 1980. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt

110 and 106

MLW 110 and Alco 106 (1978)

MLW 110 and Alco 106 waiting for highball at Whitehorse, May 1978 Image by Jim Jeffery (BB Collection)


MLW 110 (1978)

Montreal Locomotive Works 110 with train at Whitehorse, May 1978.


903 Caboose at Fraser

One of the rare images who show the caboose in action. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt


903 Caboose (1980)

Jim Henderson took this image of the caboose 903 during his visit in 1980. White Pass & Yukon Route collection - Henderson fund.


Caboose 903

Only caboose 903 received the Federal Industries tri color paint scheme. This color scheme is known as flying meatball or bankrupt colors, as the WP&YR went into financial difficulties in the 1980 and had to close operation in late fall 1982. Image from Boerries Burkhardt collection.


WP&YR in 1982

Federal Industries Company colors on the White Pass steel caboose 903. COllection of Boerries Burkhardt


903 Caboose (1984)

The caboose was still arround after the WP&YR stopped theiir operation in October 1982. White Pass & Yukon Route collection - Henderson fund


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