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Here you'll find a great selection of old historical articles, published in various news papers in the North. The most information could be found at the museum at Vancouver and Whitehorse. Please select the newspaper on the right side under the section Historical Newspaper.


Whitehorse Star Whitehorse Star Friday, February 21, 1908 Will Rush Work Railroad Company To Do Things This Year "We will want 500 men by April 15th on our works at Skagway and in the vicinity of Whitehorse in connection with the building of ore bunkers at the former place and the extension of the White Pass & Yukon route through the Whitehorse copper cam. It would be useless to attempt to arrange for the labor supply at this early date; but given all the labor we require, the White Pass will be ready to haul ore from Whitehorse camp to tidewater by July 31st.” This important announcement was made to a Vancouver newspaper by A. L. Berdoe, general manager of the White Pass read, upon his return from a six week business trip which took him to Ottawa, New York and Chicago. Continuing he said: “While in the East I learned that the prospects are good for a rise in copper within a few months; some authorities even stating that 18 – cent copper will prevail before fall. All agree that it will rise from 14 to at least 16 or 17 cents and even at 15 cents the Whitehorse properties will pay good profits to owner and operators. “It is the intention of the company to erect ore bunkers at Skagway of a capacity of 5,000 ton, and work on there will be started on April 15th; in three months the bunkers will be finished. By that date construction on the spur to the mines will be started. An earlier start would be impossible because of the presence of the frost in the ground. “White East I closed a contract for the supplying of 600 tons of 45 – pound steel rails for the extension. These rails will reach the coast this month for shipment north. Another rail order will follow later. The company has brought two 110 ton locomotives to be used to pushing the ore train over the summit, and we will require some fifty cars, which will either be built in the north or on the outside. We have just placed an order for ties and timber with local sawmill, and shipment of this material will soon be undertaken.”

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