1946 - 1953 Post Wartime

From the Journal of WPYR Shops Supt. Jack Hoyt:

January 8, 1952

Temperature +4F, Rotary out--strong north wind. Hooked eng. 69 into Roundhouse steam line--not much coal left in bunker.

January 16, 1952

72--Selmer derailed at Cowley southbound--Recalled 2 helpers from Bennett and took rotary and tool car to White Pass where 72 reported on, so returned home.

January 17, 1952

72 still derailed--Rotary fleet called 5:30AM. Left Rotary & 71 at Bennett. 73-Rapuzzi to Cowley. Re-railed 72 & return to Skagway 10PM.

January 19, 1952

22 below, strong north wind. Rotary out--City water reported freezing up. Fire rotary shed. Smoke jack burned out--not much damage. City water off just as fire out.

January 20, 1952

10 below. Selmer & Gus Lingle reported sick. Cancelled all trains. Eng. 87, Rapuzzi to dock to thaw water pipes.

January 22, 1952

Eng. 80 to steam shops water tank. Rotary out of Bennett 10:30AM to dig out northbound--4 cars w/Eng. 72. St. Martin stuck all nite in White Pass yard. Rotary 2-71-81 returned Skagway 11PM. Everything else stuck except 70. Eng. 81--frame bent & badly damaged--rotary caboose damaged $ 2 cars--result of collision.

January 23, 1952

Rotary 1, 71-80 out about 11 AM. 81 into roundhouse for overhaul. Brought Eng. 72--St. Martin (started work) to Skagway about 6:45 PM. Rotary 1 badly damaged--drawbar broken--oil lines pulled apart. Tried to start water pump by main line. Unsuccessful.

January 24, 1952 (Thursday)

City water very low. 2 below.

Rotary #2-71-80 with 72 headed south left Skagway 9:15AM. Wind extremely strong--roundhouse roof coming off car shops. B&B working on water pump. Water tank overflowed at 6 PM. Pipeline frozen again. Brought in Rotary caboose from 21 M.P.

January 25, 1952 (Friday)

VERY strong northwind. 2 below. Rotary-71-80 & 72 headed South out. 72 off track in rotary shed this AM. Fire up 192 to steam pipeline--no luck. 72--Selmer brought in dead 73. Put in rotary shed--11PM. Left 1 flat & bag car at W Pass. Threw wrecked reefer car over bank.

February 29, 1952 (Friday)

Clear 26+, No rotary. 3 helpers.

March 1, 1952 (Saturday)

Southbound only. Light helper to Bennett

March 2, 1952 (Sunday)

No trains. Boynton left for Denver a/c death of brother. Mrs. Enearl--flowers to Juneau--illness.

March 3, 1952 (Monday)

Overcast, 20+, No rotary--3 helpers. Turntable frozen. Thawed and siphoned. Worked O.T. to get Eng. 70 finished for A.M.

March 4, 1952 (Tuesday)

Cloudy, 22+, Rotary called late--5:40 AM. 2 helpers., Table frozen. Thawed., Pump stud blew out of boiler-72. Replaced on O.T.

March 5, 1952 (Wednesday)

Light snow, 26+, Rotary--2 helpers , Table frozen--thawed out , Superheater flue leaking--70 (O.T.)
Boring Mill installed machine shop

March 6, 1952 (Thursday)

Clear, calm, 24+, No rotary, 3 helpers, 72--O.T. door sheet leaking

March 7, 1952 (Friday)

Light snow--30+, Rotary,2 helpers. Late train 9:30

March 8, 1952 (Saturday)

Low clouds, fog--40+, Late Rotary call for 10 AM to bring in SBound., Purdie True Logan O.T. Make cradle pin for 71, Dedman O.T., Enearl off

March 9, 1952 (Sunday)

32+., No Trains. Dedman, Purdie O.T. on 71 Eng. truck. Enearl off.

March 10, 1952 (Monday)

Clear, 28+, No rotary--3 helpers. Wash 72. Enearl off.
Pickup--Store Dept. Haul brake shoes--waste.

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