Jumped Track - August 12, 1905

Jumped Track

Locomotive on W.P.&Y. Road Goes to Bottom of Canyon Near Summit

A most thrilling accident and narrow escape of two men from death occurred shortly after midnight this morning on the White Pass & Yukon railroad about two miles south of the summit and between the big suspension steel bridge and the tunnel when locomotive 66 jumped the track and dashed down the rough and rocky mountain side to the bottom of the canyon several hundred feet below.

Engineer Simpson and Fireman Jerry Moriarty saved their lives by jumping just as the engine left the track. The former escaped without a scratch but the latter was injured somewhat by being thrown heavily upon the ground as he jumped.

No. 66 had come out from Skagway as one of the helpers of the night freight train, three engines always being employed to bring heavy trains to the summit. It was on its way back to Skagway when the accident occurred.

One report is that the track spread and another is that a bridge which had just been finished gave away. We her it will be possible to recover the engine or whether it is worth recovering after rolling down the rugged mountain side, has not been learned.

This is the first accident of the kind which ever occurred on the White Pass railroad during upward of then years operation.

Whitehorse Star August 12, 1905

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