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This section features the series #50 to 65 tank car of the White Pass & Yukon Route. In 1965 (5/31/1965), the WP&YR bought 16 narrow frame tank cars from the Denver & Rio Grande Western. These cars were well known as UTLX Union Tank Car Co. tank cars. They used them to haul oil from the oilfields near Farmington all over the narrow gauge circle. To save money, the WP&YR made no modification on these cars. Only the lettering section were repainted with black color and the old W.P.&.Y.R. letters in yellow were added to these cars. In 1968, they received the flying White Pass as you may see at car #54. After suspension of the White Pass in 1982, several freight cars were sold to the lower 48’s.

Since the early 1980’s the C&TSRR had attempts to get some of the cars returned to Colorado. Finally, in October of 1991 8 of the 9 remaining cars returned to Colorado for $7,500. After shipment by ship delivered to Vancouver, British Columbia, BN, UP & D&RGW-SP they finally reached Alamosa on February 27, 1992. On the way two of the cars were cut from the train and put in another train bound for Denver. From Alamosa the cars were trucked to Chama. On March 12, 1992, the last tank car arrived in Chama. [1]

7 cars are operating today in Colorado at the C&TSRR as well as the Georgetown Loop Railroad. One car went to the Sumpter Valley RR at Oregon. You will find more information and images below.


52 Tank Car

The former UTLX tank is mount on a Pullmann steel frame from a former flat car. Skagway 1979. COllection of Boerries Burkhardt


61 Tank Car ex. UTLX (1979)

Former D&RGW / UTLX car is crossing the street at Skagway depot. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt.


64 Tank Car ex. UTLX

Tank Car 64 at Whitehorse. Collection of Boerries Burkhardt

Tank Car Roster 50-65

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Robert Sloan, Carl Mulvihill, Tim Bain, John Stutz, Dave Grandt, Curt Bianchi, Robert G. Hilton, Mike Peltier

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