90 - 100 Rebuilt CERES 140

The following engines were rebuilt by:

90: Coast Engine & Equipment Co. (CEECO) - CERES140 logo
91: Global Locomotives LLC
92: Sygnet Rail Technologies LLC
93: Sygnet Rail Technologies LLC
94: Sygnet Rail Technologies LLC
95: - Original - not rebuilt -
96: - Original - not rebuilt -
97: Sygnet Rail Technologies LLC
98: Coast Engine & Equipment Co. (CEECO) - CERES140 logo Arrival SKGY 2009-07-07
99: Global Locomotives LLC
100: - Original - rebuilt started by Sygnet Rail Technologies LLC, after their bankruptcy, the engine useable parts were recovered, the body was scrapped in summer 2015


90 CERES 140

The diesel engine 90 of the White Pass & Yukon Route got additional CERES 140 titles.Only engine 98 and 90 has these titles.

GE 98

GE 98 arrives at Skagway on barge Stikine Provider

Again, its our great Skagway supporter and photographer Gil Dominquez who took the image of the arrival of the engine.

GE 98

GE 98 from the back

Here you also see al the new modification of the engine. It realy look different to the original design. Image by Michael Brandt - WP&YR

GE 98

GE 98 made this first test run July 8, 2009

After unloading from the barge Stikine Provider at Skagway, the engine made his first test under own power at Skagway. Image by Michael Brandt.


First run with engine 98 (July 12, 2009)

Sunday July 12, 2009 the rebuilt engine #98 together with #114 made their first real passenger run. Train #31 leaves the railroad dock at 8:15 AM with 311 passengers onboard in 15 coaches. The proud crew for this first run were Matt Taylor engineer, Dan Fangmeier conductor and Josh Sims brakeman. A big THANKS to Gil Dominguez for this great image.


First test run with a train and two CEECO

At September 16, 2009 the engine number 90 and 98 were together on their first test run with a train up to Clifton. From there they went back to shops. Image by Gil Dominquez and information from Carl Mulvihill.

New Motive Power

Rebuilt engines show

The last busy day at Skagway with two ships in town, all four rebuilt engines were used two haul the trains between Skagway and Summit. Image by Gil Dominquez in September 2010.

GE 91

GE 91 as rebuilt version by GLOBAL

Engine 91 after his summit train run in June 2011. Boerries Burkhardt Image.

GE 91

In Service 2011

Rebuilt engine 91 on its daily use. Boerries Burkhardt Image June 22, 2011.

GE 91 Move

Right now, the 4th rebuilt engine is on the way up North. Matt Pwoell was lucky to see the engine at the Steilcoom weigh station at Tacoma. The engine was standing there over the Labour Day weekend. Now the engine continued his way up North and arrive soon at Skagway. Thanks for sharing your images, Matt.


White Pass GE 91 Move

all images by Matt Powell, September 6, 2010

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