More Containers to built!

More Container

Starting a small mass production for my own White Pass. Boerries Burkhardt Photo.



The first set of the White Pass first containers between caboose 905 and 907 in the front. All in On3 scale by Boerries Burkhardt

Welcome to the On3 page of modelling the White Pass & Yukon Route.


Brass engravings of the first White Pass containers.



The first Generation of White Pass containers on an Anvil ore car. I know wrong car, but it is the only flat car at the present.


First Containers in On3 Scale

View of my first containers in On3 scale. I need more. Boerries Burkhardt Collection,


Standard Container

The container from different sides. Boerries Burkhardt Collection


More different views of the container.


The first decal set arrived. Wow, they look great! A real White Pass in On3.



 On3 model of the former EBT hopper, now on the WP&YR.


ex. EBT Hopper

Brass parts to make it into a full White Pass hopper.



On3 scale 901 and 905

Caboose 901 and 905 as full brass model in On3 scale by Boerries Burkhardt


905 at WHSE

Model Caboose 905 at my Whitehorse layout.


905 from the back


907 back

Caboose 907 with the new handrails as test.


On3 front

On3 as hybrid 3D printing product with brass details. Boerries Burkhardt


Here a test sample if you want to buy my rolling stock. I call it training parts to test and improve your soldering skills.

Test 2

I also need test parts to improve my soldering as well as design skills. I hope you'll like them.



Here a sample of my Anyox On3 brass parts. They are for testing only. Try to find out the best way to make this kit. Boerries Burkhardt Collection

Also the Alco truck project is slowly going.

Here the latest parts!


The Alcos are coming!